As part of the Water Centred Design for Life, the initiative ensures water availability for
drinking, sanitation, agriculture, and livestock. As the water scenario improves in the region,
the scope and the need for other development activities emerge.

Set up 35 percolation

Created more than
5,00,000 cu.m. rainwater
storage capacity

Presence in 5


  • Detailed PRA maps are developed for each village.
  • Individual plans for all the selected villages and topographic maps covering the project area are collected.
  • Remote Sensing data and maps are compiled from the National Remote Sensing Agency.
  • All three maps are superimposed to develop a base map. These are created for each of the sites to design and implement the project.


  • Developed degraded lands
  • Overall socio-economic development of the poor
  • Mitigating drought conditions
  • Employment generation and poverty alleviation

Our Projects

Water and Village Development Project Phagi, Rajasthan 2022

Village Choru of Phagi block, Jaipur district, Rajasthan, was selected as the project location for the construction of two water structures. Following are the interventions and achievements of the project:

Water Project Phagi, Rajasthan 2020

Village Firatpura of Phagi block, Jaipur district, Rajasthan, was selected the project location for a holistic rural development initiative. Following are the interventions and achievements of the project:


Water Project Telangana, 2018

Project to implement management approaches to help achieve sustainable groundwater recharge system in Medak district of Telengana. Total rain water storage capacity created has been 10,000 cu m benefiting more than 3,000 community members.


Water Project Kolar, Karnataka, 2018

Kolar, the entire district falls under overexploited category. Rainwater storage capacity of more than 15,000 cu m has been created through two water structures in 2 villages. There are more than 7,000 direct beneficiaries spread over adjoining 4 villages.


Water Project Amravati, Maharashtra, 2017

Lalkhed village, Chandur block, Amravati district in Maharashtra – Drought prone Amravati is one of the 11 districts of Vidarbha region. A total of 12,000 cu m rain water storage capacity has been created and more than 3000 community members directly benefited.


Water Project Phagi, Rajasthan 2017

The depth of water below ground level has been measured (mbgl). The wells at Sawa ka baas, Gawario ki dhani and Sultania have swelled up with water after rains in 2016. The project recharged more than 25,000 cu m water through four water structures impacting more than 10,000 communities in villages in Phagi, Rajasthan


Water project 2 Phagi 2016

Created 25,000 cum rain water storage capacity covering 4 villages, with more than 7,000 direct beneficiaries


Water project 3 Phagi 2016

Project Jal Jeeval Aarohan, Village Pachala, Phagi block, Rajasthan. The project ensured availability of water for drinking, sanitation, livestock and agriculture for the communities. The direct beneficiaries were approx 1700 individuals. The water conservation structure constructed is of the capacity of ~ 10,000 cu m. However, the total catchment area created has been 250m x 50m x 4m with recharging capacity of more than 50,000 cu m.

More Projects

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