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AAROHAN Ė Advit Foundationís Rural Self Employment Training Centre

AAROHAN is Advit Foundationís rural self-employment training centre located in village Pachala in Phagi Tehsil, Jaipur district, Rajasthan. This centre was conceptualized as part of our extensive work under the watershed approach to village development initiative in Rajasthan. Since the water harvesting structures had improved the water availability in the region, the number of crop cycles had increased leading to a higher income. However, there were still a considerable amount of landless individuals in the villages who had no source of livelihood. The women who would previously spend a lot of their time in a day in fetching water from far off locations, now had ample time as potable water was available in the wells and hand-pumps within their village. The landless and the women required additional skills to undertake income enhancing activities. This led to the setting up of AAROHAN.

Objectives of the training centre:

  • To provide a common learning platform for the community members to learn new income enhancing skills.
  • To serve as a technology demonstration centre to promote renewable energy and sustainable practices with the local communities.
  • To promote local architecture and integrate it with sustainable building practices. The building is made of fly-ash bricks and has integrated solar passive design and rainwater harvesting in addition to maintaining the Rajasthani style of construction of arches and traditional wooden doors and ventilators.

Training programs undertaken at AAROHAN:

  • Design and integration of solar home lighting systems.
  • Design and integration of solar mobile charging station.
  • Usage of parabolic solar cookers and construction of fixed type solar cookers.
  • Usage and setup of Biogas systems.
  • Usage of solar dryers and solar pumps.
  • Hand-made paper bag making.
  • Packaging of locally grown spices.
  • Plantation, processing and packaging of herbs.

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