Advit is a not for profit development organization, registered in India working for Conservation of Environment Resources and Livelihood Enhancement. With a vision of promoting approaches to sustainable development Advit’s work focuses on improving living/working conditions through improved environment conditions, promoting environment education and conservation practices. This is undertaken using information and communication systems tools and providing environment education and conservation services. The prime areas of field implementation work include – water conservation, occupational health and safety, energy efficiency, renewable energy promotion and skill development.

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Awards & Empanelment


1: Advit’s Charu Jain awarded the International Women Excellence Award in 2014

2: Awarded best “Beyond The Fence” water conservation project by CII in 2009

1: Provisionally Empanelled with National CSR Hub
2: Empanelled with PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association) for carrying out Energy Efficiency projects
3: Empanelled with United Way of Mumbai