Programme Centres


Water Centre

The activities of the water centre aims at ensuring water availability for drinking, sanitation, agriculture and livestock. As the water scenario improved in the region, the scope and the need for other development activities emerged. The initiatives under the watershed approach are as below:


  • Developed degraded lands.
  • Overall socio economic development of the poor.
  • Mitigating drought conditions.
  • Employment generation and poverty alleviation.


  • Created water storage capacity of more than 2,50,000 cubic metre.
  • Improved availability of water led to increase in agriculture and livestock output thereby leading to better income.
  • Electrified 2,500 households with solar home lighting systems.
  • Constructed more than 20 community toilets.
  • Trained more than 1000 individuals from rural areas on renewable energy and livelihood enhancing skills such as solar mobile charging, solar cookers, solar dryers, biogas systems, spice processing and hand-made paper bag making.

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