Pawanexh Kohli,
Chief Advisor, National centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD), Govt. of India

Pawanexh Kohli is founder of CrossTree techno-visors, with a primary focus on optimal use of equipment and resources to bring down operating energy costs and in reducing the carbon footprint of infrastructure and services.

Capt. Kohli was earlier a mariner and the business head of an innovative business line that deployed phase change materials and other inventive applications with 28 years work experience.

A blue-sky thinker on sustainable green technologies, and environmental protection initiatives; he has contributed by authoring documents and guidelines on water pollution & air pollution and has advised on projects on such matters. He is associated with various multilateral agencies and Asian Development Bank as their Consultant for establishment of Cold Chain Infrastructure in Indian states. He is consulting with several large companies in India for propagating energy saving options and technologies.