With a vision of promoting approaches to sustainable development Advit's work focuses on improving living/working conditions through improved environment conditions, promoting environment education and conservation practices. This is undertaken using information and communication systems tools and providing environment education and conservation services. The prime areas of field implementation work include - water conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy, integrated village development, environment education and skill development.

Advit seeks forward linkages through outreach programmes, capacity building and entrepreneurship development. Conservation work is undertaken by identifying local needs, selecting, improving, adopting and developing appropriate implementation plans.

Advit operates through the following project areas:


Advit strives to generate awareness on the need to educate, provide a platform for learning to all and impart the importance of conserving environment and conserving resources in our everyday life. Activities focus on all section of the society.


The programme highlights and suggests alternatives that can help address the challenges of resource conservation. The need for intervention and the alternatives that would improve resource management and development activities are sought. These include implementation of projects in water conservation, waste management and energy efficiency.

"Conservation means the wise use of earth and its resources for the lasting good of men."
Gifford Pinchot


The vision is to create and nurture a learning culture that believes in and breathes change through education. Through change we look towards the infinite possibilities that can be created for the positive development of children and adults. Advit designs and implements environmental training programmes pertinent to:

  • Skill development and undertaking village development models that help in livelihood enhancement among communities
  • Environment education in schools and other educational institutes
  • Facilitating environment compliance in industries - Trainings on occupational health and safety, safe chemical handling and disposal, water conservation models, energy audits, industry production process documentation and resource conservation in processes
  • Information dissemination on energy efficiency, solar installations and waste management

Glimpse of Advit's Work

Awards & Empanelment

  • Awarded the first CII Beyond the Fence Project award in Rajasthan in 2009
  • Advit Foundation is empaneled with TISS CSR Hub
  • Partner - Electronic Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) to operate and manage Centre of Excellence for Solar Electronics
  • Partner - National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), MNRE
  • Partner - Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA)

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