What is a B.Voc - Renewable Energy technology degree?

B.Voc stands for Bachelors in Vocation. B.Voc - renewable energy technology is a unique program offered by TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - School of Vocational Education.

How is the B.Voc program different from a B.Tech?

A B.Tech is a 4 year program which focuses more on theoretical understanding. The practical training happens in a laboratory environment.

A B.Voc is a 3 year program where in addition to theory, practical training is imparted by means of an on -the job training with an industry partner (known as Skill Knowledge Provider , SKP) from the 1st semester itself. This ensures that the candidates learn the actual industry methods. This is valuable work experience.

How is the B.Voc program different from an ITI or a Diploma?

The B.Voc program emphasizes a lot on soft skills and general education also, apart from the technical concepts. Courses such as English, Computer skills, Communication, Finance and Economics are included in the syllabus.

What is the duration of the B.Voc - Renewable Energy Program?

The B.Voc Renewable Energy is a 3 year degree.

What if a candidate decides to quit after 1 year?

A candidate wishing to quit after the 1st year receives a Diploma in Solar Energy, provided they clear the 1st year exams. Similarly, they receive an -Advanced Diploma in Solar and Alternate Energy� if they quit after clearing the 2nd year exams. A B.Voc degree is conferred only if a candidates completes all 3 years.

Is there an internship opportunity?

Internship is part of the program. Unlike B.Tech and Diplomas where a candidate does an internship in the final year, a B.Voc degree has internship integrated from the 1st semester itself.

How long is the internship?

The candidate has an internship in every semester (6 months). 1-2 days in a week are for theory classes at the training centre and the remaining 3-4 days of the week, the candidate works as an intern in an industry. In a semester, 270 hours are for classroom training and 360 hours are for internships. Classes can also happen during weekends.

Do candidates have to find an internship on their own?

No, Advit Foundation, the training hub will arrange for internships.

Is there a stipend in the internship?

Yes, the internships will have a stipend.

How much is the stipend?

The stipend amount depends on the candidate and the company hiring them as intern.

Is there placement support?

Yes, placement support is provided to candidates who don't get inducted as full time in the same company where they were doing their internship.

What is the fees?

Course Fee: Rs. 18,000 + exam fee: Rs. 1500 = Rs. 19,500 (every semester)

Do I need to pay any other fee other than the ones mentioned above?

No, 19,500 per semester is the complete fee. There are no additional charges.

Where will the theory classes be held?

Advit Foundation,
B-205, Pioneer urban square,
Golf course extension road,
Sector 62, Gurgaon-122102

Is the B.Voc degree UGC recognised?

Yes, it is a UGC recognized degree

Does the B.Voc degree qualify for PSU, Bank, Public services exam?

Yes, the B.Voc degree is at par with any other 3 year degree and is eligible for PSU, Bank and Public services exam.